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19" 2U Blank Panel, Black Solid for rackmount cabinet

Ref. 0037-2

Mini rocker switch (SPST) ON-OFF, 250V. 3A

Ref. 4380

Male Schuko power cable to open, 220V 3x1mm, 1,8m.

Ref. 1734-1

Power Extension cable, 5m

Ref. 4410-5

Power Extension cable, 3m

Ref. 4410-3

Power Extension cable, 2m

Ref. 4410-2

Battery holder 1xR3, Clip on a side

Ref. PP003C

Battery holder 1xR3, Cable

Ref. PP003

Adapter cable from RJ45 to J11

Ref. 4377

Ref. 7020141

Ref. 7020130

Smart Managed Pro Switch 8 Gigabit POE+ ports (Max 30W port) + 2 SFP ports desktop format

Ref. 7020120

AAA, LR03 ReCyko rechargeable 950mAh - Blister 4u.

Ref. GP-G555

AA, LR06 ReCyko rechargeable 2600mAh - Blister 4u.

Ref. GP-G556

CR2, Lithium 3v - 1u. in bulk

Ref. GP-H003

CR2032, Lithium 20x3,2 - Blister 4und.

Ref. GP-G518